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So tonight we had to decide between the soup or a prime rib type soup won. My husband is French and he said how about that soup was so good. Thank you so much for sharing? This soup is a winner. I did make a few teensy changes though. I used a little less thyme than called for and chopped in about a tbsp or so fresh parsley being a big parsley enthusiast. Thanks Jennifer!

Incredibly delicious and so comforting especially on a cold day. I made this several times during a record breaking Boston winter. And I made it using a hot plate because our kitchen was being renovated. What did we do before we discovered smoked paprika? It seems to take more effort to make veggie broth more complex. I did not change one thing except was more liberal on the thyme and pepper! Hi, Jenn. This was a big hit with my husband, and I immediately sent a link to my vegetarian son, who also gives it 5 stars.

I added a bit of diced sweet potato and a few curry leaves. My son also added some samba olek and this is now on his favorites list. Last night we had your beef and broccoli, which is a another great recipe…. I adapted the sauce to use with salmon tonight, and the house smells amazing! Almost time for dinner! This soup was great and so versatile.

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I really enjoy your website. Thank you very much for your great recipes! I used frozen peas for the frozen veggie. Even my super picky son ate a small bowl. This recipe had such a unique adult flavor. Neither the cumin nor the paprika dominated the soup, but each added multiple layers of flavor. This is another soup we make for a work week of dinners. We double the recipe, precook about 3 C of rice, and over the week have the soup mixed with some rice.

Perfect complimentary protein. GREAT weekday meals. Never boring. I was looking for a quick vegan soup recipe and this worked out perfectly. It was easy to make and was delicious.


I followed the ingredients as written, using vegetable broth and green beans for the green vegetable. This soup is now my go-to recipe for a vegetarian meal!

The contrast in colors is so beautiful! To thicken the soup, I added some instant potato flakes. I love this recipe. In addition to tasting delicious, it is very pretty to look at. Nice combination of colors. My husband decided it needed a little something else so he put a few splashes of hot sauce in it and declared it perfect! I wonder if that was why it was a little lacking…. Had a few ladies over for lunch and made this soup to go along with a salad. It was a big hit. So much flavor. The only problem was I wish I had doubled the recipe so I could have more for dinner and to share it with my family!

Next time…. Perfect as written. That was good as well.

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I love a recipe that adjusts to my pantry. Hi Chef, A question about curry powder…I cooked a chicken curry last night following, more or less, your recipe and found it needed significant additions of garam masala, red pepper flakes, turmeic and madras curry powder to have enough flavor for our unsophisticated taste. So the question is: What do you use in your curry powder? I very much like your site and your approach to cooking. That said, you could always make your own.

I really want to make this!

Thank you so much! It was so easy to make and extremely tasty!

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I will be making this recipe again. I used the peas this time but want to try it with greens the next time. Also I made the Grilled Moroccan Chicken the same night and chopped up some of the chicken and added to the soup just for the fun of it and that was amazing too. It is good with or without the chicken! This is a very hearty soup and I love the trick of blending some of it to give it that extra bit of thickness! So yummy and easy to prepare! Perfectly spiced. Have made it twice already. Very happy to have found your site.

This was a great winter soup.

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Cilantro might also be a good addition instead of parsley. It was easy to make and perfect with crusty sourdough bread. This is excellent!! We loved it and will make again. Thank you for a terrific recipe and an outstanding website. Looking forward to trying more recipes. Could I substitute regular paprika for the smoked paprika when making the smoky chickpea, lentil, and vegetable soup or will it make a big difference?

Hi Joan, Unfortunately, the smoked paprika makes a big difference. If you have chipotle chili powder, you could use that as a substitute but it will add a little extra spice. A quick note: I misplaced my chick pea soup recipe and rather than spend more time looking for it went to find another. That was a good decision because your recipe was better. I also make a red lentil soup.

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Your recipe combines the chic peas and red lentils. My former two recipes will now be put aside and your tasty soup will be my go to recipe hence forth. Please can we have more!!! Can you tell me how to adjust the recipe if you do not used canned chickpeas?