Big Bad Wolf (His Side of the Story)

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Why or why not? A Letter to A. Wolf Ask children to write a letter to A. Wolf in jail. Have them think about what more they would like to know about this wolf. What questions would they like to ask him about what happened to the pigs? Read All About It!

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For example, A. Wolf's story appears in The Daily Wolf.


The other news reports that tell the story of the big and bad wolf appear in The Daily Pig. The wolf paper and the pig paper seem to print the stories so that their own kind come out looking good. Ask students to write about the story of the three little pigs as if they had watched nearby when the wolf visited each of the pigs. Their stories can appear in a newspaper called The Daily Human.

The Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf - HD Animated Fairy Tales for Children - Full Story

Have students think about how would the story change if the police were human. Would it become a story about human beings instead of pigs? Please take a moment to review Hachette Book Group's updated Privacy Policy: read the updated policy here. Or at least they think they do.

But I'll let you in on a little secret. Nobody knows the real story, because nobody has ever heard my side of the story. Wolf talking, and he'd like to set the record straight.

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He says, "I don't know how this whole Big Bad Wolf thing got started, but it's all wrong. The real story is about a sneeze and a cup of sugar.

If you can buy his explanation, the wolf relates how he was making a birthday cake for his dear old granny when he ran out of sugar. Off he went to his neighbor's to borrow a cup, but, because of his terrible cold, he sneezed a great sneeze, and the whole straw house fell down, leaving the occupant, the First Little Pig, dead as a doornail. So the wolf ate him. The same thing happened to the Second Little Pig in his house of sticks.

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When the wolf tried again at the brick house of the Third Little Pig, the rude little porker called the cops on him. The wolf, speaking from behind bars, concludes his indignant testimonial by claiming he was framed. Ernst, Lisa Campbell.

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Kelly, John, and Cathy Tincknell. The Mystery of Eatum Hall.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Candlewick, Smith, Lane. V iking, Stevens, Janet, and Susan Stevens Crummel. And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon. Harcourt, Trivizas, Eugene. Wolf better known as The Big Bad Wolf after being accused of unthinkable crimes against piggy-dom. Played by Dan Chevalier Honk! Intrepid or is it intrepig? You have issues of race and of fairness. But it is all framed in a very fun, satirical lens. It is really hilarious, with a lot of verbal and physical humor. Judge Julia, played by Kimberlee Stone Goodnight Moon , has some questionable morals -- and a real passion for musical theater!

Audiences can expect to be entertained by a Wolf in hippie clothing and a That Girl -esque reporter. The set, designed by Bridgette Dreher, is done in a "Back at the Barnyard" style with touches of s flair. Costumes designed by Sherri Geerdes cover the gamut of retro styles and a rainbow of color.

It's just a lot of fun.