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Translation in German.

Boy On the Beach

I walk ahead alone. Ich gehe alleine voraus. Du sagst mir, dass ich nicht so schnell gehen soll,.

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Ich bin so ernsthaft wie deine Blicke. Ich schleiche um die Ecke. Du sagst mir, verlass mich niemals. Ich bin weiter als die Wand. Hier ist ein Plan deiner Vergangenheit.

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  • Hier ist ein Plan deines Schiksals. Plan meines Lebens, ja.

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    Ich sollte besser laufen, laufen, laufen, laufen, laufen, ja. Ich sollte besser um Deckung gehrn Report a problem. Last activities. Please alert any German-speaking contacts who may be interested, or contact Transform with suggestions for potential audiences or individuals to send print copies. Little did we know when we launched the book that it would have the international resonance that it has.

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    This is the third translation since the UK launch in , adding to the Spanish and Italian versions. Over print copies have been disseminated to policy makers, opinion formers, academics and activists around the world, and other language versions are in the pipeline. The War on Drugs is a disaster by any objective measure.

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    We must also show the world what the alternative could look like. In the two years since publication it has usefully achieved this goal. Amongst the distinguished grouping of commissioners are the former General Secretary of the United Nations and six former heads of state.

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    And since the Global Commission report the debate has leapt onto the political agenda, with a number of sitting heads of state in Latin American countries publicly calling for a meaningful debate on alternatives to prohibition, including models of legal drug market regulation. And the President of Guatemala called for legalisation and regulation to undermine the criminal gangs in Central America.

    In the Organisation of American States will conduct a review of drug policy in the Americas, and this book could be used to model one of the policy options. In doing so we have effectively challenged some of the common myths about legalisation and regulation. Such disagreement and debate still represents progress as it indicates how we are now debating principles and detail of effective regulation rather than whether or not regulation is needed.

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    • Germany has historically been a world leader in implementing harm reduction in dealing with drug use, a country prepared to put aside ideology and instead operate a pragmatic approach to dealing with the reality of drug use and misuse. Germany could, if it chooses take the next step and put legal regulation firmly on the international agenda and link the debate in Latin America with the one taking place in Europe.

      At a time when we are all experiencing the worst economic recession of modern times, Germany could use the opportunity to challenge the drug war as a significant waste of dwindling financial resources.

      Our Organization

      Progress will be slow, it has taken 50 years to get where we are today and the global prohibition will not be unravelled overnight, but the momentum for change now appears unstoppable. Europe is a key regional driver of drug policy and law reform so we are delighted to welcome this new German language translation that can bring Blueprint to an ever more diverse audience, and ultimately to fruition.