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As it stands, though, there are a few too many flaws holding it back.

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Combining crazy physics and an even crazier story scenario, Coffin Dodgers has managed to do just enough to stand out from the crowd, offering a decent little kart-racer that should generate a laugh or two. A slight lack of content and a less-than-perfect overall quality prevent it from being something worth shouting about, however, so you might want to consider your options before jumping in with an immediate purchase.

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Online play would've made the purchase worth it. Oh well, it looks like a decent time passer. You could do worse on the eshop. I work at a retirement community and now I will forever think of the title of this game when I interact with the residents.

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God aren't there enough of these mediocre Kart titles out there? The textures alone scream, "two guys in a basement with Unity. JHDK It's only for a day or two. The main one is in the service shop getting a checkup.

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I LOVE the name, but it looks really ugly Besides, Kirby comes out this week. Great title.

Bloody Disgusting!

I will now hobble off to buy this game. I thought it was widely used but maybe not. For a bit if perspective Pushsquare gave it a 3 and that's for a console that doesn't have Mario Kart.

Having played it a 6 is far too generous and it's just plain garbage, not to mention redundant on a console which already has Mario Kart. The game looks like a poor quality PS2 title. It might be cheap, but it ain't even worth that price.

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It's not just about looks either. It doesn't really appear to do anything better than Mario Kart. References in periodicals archive? His wish should come true, at least for the hour this drama is on, as it's the perfect excuse to sit down together as family - coffin-dodgers included. Perfect escapism. You see these old coffin-dodgers playing away and it's fantastic to see that! Fergie wowed by Fleetwood. Me and my mates - I call us the coffin-dodgers - sit in there. Is she seriously expecting the public to believe that staff rooms will be stuffed with demented coffin-dodgers because of the Government's pension reforms?

When will the strikers face up to facts? The row followed prime minister Gordon Brown's dismissal of the Labour candidate for Moray, Scotland, after he posted Tweets joking about slavery, "chavs" and " coffin-dodgers ".

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Mr MacLennan's choice language included describing older people as " coffin-dodgers " and using the abusive term "teuchters" to describe people from the North of Scotland - not a great idea when you're trying to win votes in a Highlands constituency. Not all of us supposed coffin-dodgers are Alzheimer's cases. THEY may be a bunch of coffin-dodgers , but it seems the Rolling Stones can still provoke a massive scramble for tickets It's a big up for the coffin-dodgers.