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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Watchful Eyes Revealing the Darkness , an organization as old as mankind, tasked with protecting us from the dark things that lay hidden deep in the Earth, accepts only the most promising of recruits into its ancient order.

Enter Gideon Clark, a somewhat deluded, coffee swilling, modern day adventurer with a dangerous sense of immortality. But something in his past has changed Gideon Clark so profoundly, that none can imagine the consequences it will have on this most secret of organizations.

Dark Zenith Even as Gideon's teammates begin digging into his background, the intrepid hero must face an entity consisting of dangerous Blue Light Matter, one of the ancient evils riddling the Earth's dark places. Bradley's W. Tinged with HP Lovecraft like flavor and mixed with a healthy dose of gun slinging action, Dark Zenith begins Gideon Clark's long spiral into the very shadows he rages against.

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Chilling adventures of Sabrina series. What if To this fact, scriptural story bears evidence from the. John , "who translated for me these scraps of poetry, compared theabote song to an old Scotch hallad that he heard when he was in EII! THE Mosaic history of the creation assigns to the East the first scene of human existence, and places the first pair, created in perfect equality, in a Paradise, which of God the garden was, By him in the East of Eden planted.

The selection of the female for the experiment of a super-human sophistry, indicated on her part a difficulty, rather than a facility to be won over; and the reward offered, for risking the awful penalty of death "by disobedience," was no less than that "she should be as are the Gods, knowing good from evil! The woman, " seeing that the tree was to be desired, to make one wise, took the fruit accordingly thereof and did eat. The crime was common, but the motive was peculiar to the woman. But the Reverend Dr. Conyers Middleton, in his allegorical explanations of the first chapters of Genesis, represents Adam to be the Mind, Eve the Senses, and the Serpent Pleasure or Passion.

See Bochart de serpente tentatore, p. The penalty, too, of disobedience to both was death ; but a sublime and prophetic distinction was made in favour of the future mother of all living," of whom was to proceed one who should swallow up death in victory," etc. The temporal punishments inflicted on Eve were marked by an intellectual pre-eminence in suffering — Adam's, by personal degradation : to Adam was assigned the task of physical labour ; in the sweat of thy faceshalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground from whence thou wert taken ; for out of it was thou taken, for dust thouart, and unto dust thou shalt return1.

A humiliating vocation — a humiliating reminiscence, both spared as denunciations to Eve. Her retribution, on the contrary, was founded on the affections and on the mind-" sorrow," that was to be multiplied," and pain," corporeal indeed in the first instance, but connected with grief and anxieties still more harassing. Her desire, also, was decreed to be to her husband," that devotedness, the attribute of her peculiar and finer organization ; and her "submission" to his rule" was the penalty of her sensibility, no iess than the token of physical inferiority.

In this sacred history of the origin of the species 3, whether viewed through the interpretations of faith, or the glosses of philosophy-as a literal fact, or a prophetic parable-as a tradition beyond all cotemporary record, or as an image of the astronomical aspect of the heavens 4 —there is a strict accordance with the great dogma of the East, that woman was a creature of high intellectual aspirations : and every subsequent epoch in sacred history produces evidences of her spiritual agency and mental energies, in carrying on the great moral economy of the Creation.

Doctor Geddes considers this passage of the Bible as a mere poetical mythos historically adapted to the intellect of a rude, unpbilosophical people. Geddes Critical Remarks, etc. The history of the creation and of the fall of man is also considered as a philosophical mythos concerning the origin of the human race, and the cause of morals aud physical evil by a host of foreign writers; among others by Bauer, Kant, Sehclling, and Lessing. Doctor Burnett's Archaeologia Philosophica.

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Thus far holy writ, the unclosed book of reference of countless generations ; but profane history, likewise, attests that, while the religious harmony, or the indifference, of the antique world, induced the most hostile nations to embrace or respect each other's particular mode of worship, marking their toleration at the expense of their zeal, there existed a people, who, though standing apart from the rest of mankind, asserted themselves to be the elect of heaven,-the heirs of a covenant made to their fathers by the Most High himself,—the exclusive professors of one true and pure dogma, the unity of the Deity.

These were the Hebrews, Israelites, or Jews. Philosophically considered, this people present a splendid instance of the unchangeable physiology of isolated races.

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By their own inspired historians, the Hebrews are recorded as descended from Abraham who, under the intluence of a Divine command, left his country," Ur, of the ChaldeesV' and his kindred," and his father's house," and went forth, in faith, to found that great nation which was to make his name great for ever," for in him was to be blessed all the families of the earth 3 From this first emigration out of the land of their nativity," the Father of the Faithful, his family, and his descendants, were destined to a precarious existence, which forms the interest and excitement of their history.

Professing a pure theism, opposed to the more tangible worship of other nations, they clung to it. The Patriarch Abraham, on issuing from the cave in which be had been confined hy his father, is said to have adored the planet Venus. These primeval conservatives, whose impressionable temperaments humanly speaking so greatly aided the accomplishment of their own miraculous story, from the first striking of their tents in Chaldea, to their settlement in Palestine, whether as wanderers in perilous deserts, sojourners in hostile regions, captives in powerful states, or, as a small, though warlike community, dropt in the midst of mighty empires , were indebted for their preservation, and for their independence, to the exclusive knowledge and spiritual influence of the priesthood.

This priesthood, a caste apart1, asserted for themselves an immediate communion with the Most High, and applied to the great purposes of their holy calling all the higher excitements of which the nature of man is susceptible : they left no hidden source of intellectual power untouched, they commanded all the springs by which society is moved or fettered, and they. Priests, prophets, poets, legislators, warriors, and historians, presiding over the past, the present, and the future, they still accepted into their sublime mission the aid and agency of woman!

Through every marking era of Jewish story, in times of the deepest exigency, or direst danger, whether under the pressure of physical want, in popular struggles, or national despondency, the spiritual agency, the moral dexterity, the pertinaceous zeal, the quick perception, and poetical fervour of the Hebrew women were employed for the government or salvation of their people. Named by God the builders of the house of Israel," marked by divine authority as the mothers of nations," as priestesses, prophetesses, rulers, champions, stateswomen, or potentates, they were always associated with that great theocracy, which, whatever was the form of the Hebrew government, republican, aristocratic, or monarchical, was ever its spirit and its essence; till the dispersion of the wondrous people released them from all control, save that of opinion, and the laws of the nations among which they sought an asylum.

The domestic state of the Hebrew women under the Patriarchs like that of the Arabs and other nomade tribes of all times was one of perfect servitude. The superiority on the part of the men was supreme, and was only occasionally and temporarily repealed, under such exigencies as rendered the intellectual agency of the woman an expediency and a resource.

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For he is the messenger of the Lord of Hosts. In the narrative of Abraham's first emigration "southward from Horan in the desart," and his journey through Canaan, it is said that" he took Sarah, his wife, with him;. The graphic traicts of the submissive position of woman, and of the consideration in which her personal and intellectual powers were held by her master, come abundantly forth through the whole of this beautiful narration. Abraham, at the head of his famished tribe, "for the famine was grievous in the land," went down into Egypt whose sovereigns had long established a regular government.

Pharaoh, the reigning king, was at the head of a settled nation, which claimed an antiquity of many thousand years beyond the Mosaic date, but which had frequently suffered from the irruptions of the Shepherds. These were Nomadic tribes from the East, which had thrown down the temples of the Egyptians, and carried their women and children into captivity; so that the advance into their territories, even of so small a tribe as that of which Abraham was the pastoral chief, rendered the enterprizeof the Father of the Faithful one of considerable doubt and danger I.

It may then have been on his first approach to the valley of the Nile, or within his first view of the towers of Memphis raised, according to Egyptian record, by Menes, the first mortal king who reigned in their country , that Abraham, struck with the peril that awaited him, turned unto Sarah his wife," and invoked her aid by all that could flatter the woman, or influence the wife, "that it might be well with him for her sake, and that his soul should live because of her.

He was received and cherished" for her sake by the Egyptians, who" beheld the woman that she was very fair. The ravages committed in Egypt by the pastoral tribes rendered "every shepherd an abomination unto the Egyptians. The discovery of the re1ation in which she stood to Abraham caused their expulsion from Egypt ; but Pharaoh sent them away so richly endowed in worldly wealth, that Ahraham and his nephew Lot, on their return to Bethel, were obliged to separate their families and their people : the land was no longer able to bear them," for their substance was great, so that they could not dwell together I.

Although the beauty and discretion of Sarah were thus used only as instruments, yet was her instrumentality itself a distinction in favour of her sex. Again, in Abraham's journey towards the south countries," Sarah came to his assistance,. And Abimclech took sheep, and oxen, and men servants, and women servants, and gave them unto Abraham, and restored him Sarah his wife. And unto Sarah he said : Behold I have given thy brother a thousand pieces of silver : behold he is to thee a covering of tbe eyes unto all who are with thee, aull with all other.

Thus she was reproved. Not till she beheld her handmaid, the Egyptian bondwoman Hagar, preferred to that beauty which had placed more than one sovereign at her feet, not till she saw her own son, even Isaac," mocked by the son of the concubine, by Ishmael, who was about to usurp his inheritance through the partiality of Abraham, did her long-stitled sense of wrongs find vent for the wrongs of Sarah, however necessitated or predestined by an inscrutable providence, were still wrongs in the natural justice of things in that beautiful and bitter outburst of indignant feeling, with which she reproaches Abraham, and protects the rights of her child.