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The thriller recounts a plot [ With Hollywood already fearing a strike, the Writers Guild of America has appointed more than two dozen members to serve on its negotiating committee for upcoming negotiations on its master contract.

Lizzo surprised a classroom of Pittsburg, Calif. Your teacher is very cool. I want to thank you so much [ Though it cheats viewers, the cornpone meller -- built around a surprise package tied up with convenient psychological ribbons -- will hold attention.

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By Tony Scott. Deadly Whispers Sun. Close Menu. Variety Intelligence Platform. Variety Mobile Logo. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Thomas Bonney is still incarcerated. Here is a recent photo of him along with his inmate info. Offender ID: Gender: MALE. Age: Most Recent Incarceration Summary.

Thursday, June 28, Deadly Whispers Book. You can order a copy of the book Deadly Whispers directly from this site. Saturday, November 26, Tom Bonney Update. Tom Bonney's death sentence was overturned. He has been re-sentenced to life in prison. He still suffers from multiple personality disorder and depression. He has spent several years in solitary confinement. Tom Bonney enjoys receiving inmate mail and he loves to write poetry. Father Murders His Own Daughter. I do not have a lot of information on this murder, though there is a book on it by the same name. In this case was so big that it had to be moved from the city in which the crime took place.

Bonney plead innocent by reason of insanity. During the trial, the jurors watched a videotape in which Bonney described the killing of his teenage daughter in a rage. Many people in the town refused to watch news coverage or read the papers about this trial because they were so afraid of hearing all the talk of his different personalities.

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In November he was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to die. His lawyers tried to get a retrial but were denied.

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Then in June , Bonney's death sentenced was thrown out In Bonney and another inmate escaped from prison through a trash container. Since this was in Bonney's line of work he was able to easily escape due to a break down in the security system. The defendant, Thomas Lee Bonney, was tried upon a proper bill of indictment charging him with the murder of his daughter, Kathy Bonney. The jury found the defendant guilty of first-degree murder on the theory of premeditation and deliberation. On appeal, the defendant brings forward numerous assignments of error.

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We conclude that the defendant's trial and conviction were free from prejudical error. We further conclude, however, that prejudicial error during the sentencing proceeding in this case requires that the sentence of death be vacated and that this case be remanded to the Superior Court, Camden County, for a new capital sentencing proceeding. The State's evidence at trial tended to show that around p.

When they entered the home, the defendant was talking on the telephone to a man named John.

The defendant told Dorothy and Susan that he was going to take Kathy with him to look at a truck which was for sale. After the defendant and Kathy left, Susan snuck out of the house and walked to a nearby 7-Eleven store where she observed them sitting in the car. The defendant and Kathy left together in the car soon thereafter. Later that night, Susan went outside and looked into the car where she observed blood on the seat. Susan told her mother about the blood and assumed that the defendant must have picked up a dead animal, but she never mentioned the blood to the defendant.

Susan also returned to the 7-Eleven store that evening to look for Kathy. The defendant did not go out looking for Kathy that night. On Sunday morning, 22 November , the defendant went to the Chesapeake Virginia Police Department to report that his daughter, Kathy, was missing.

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The defendant said that on the previous evening he had gone to the 7-Eleven store with Kathy to meet a man who wanted to sell a Blazer. He added that Kathy knew the man and called him "John. The defendant stated that his daughter had stayed out all night once before. Officer Jeffrey Hardison noted that the defendant appeared nervous. After he turned around and headed back toward Virginia on Highway 17, Lindquist stopped near the Virginia-North Carolina state line along the Dismal Swamp Canal and stayed there a few hours.

While walking along the canal, he looked down into a brushfilled and rocky embankment with very steep sides and saw the nude body of a female, later identified as that of Kathy Bonney. Lindquist then got in his truck and drove up the highway to call the police. It was around p. Sergeant Edward Lewis, a member of the Chesapeake Police Department dive-team, was called to the scene and arrived around p. At the scene, he performed an evidence search.

He described the body as appearing as though it had been dumped down the bank. He observed numerous wounds to the body including scratch marks. Fibers from the small trees were observed in the victim's hair. There were facial wounds to the victim's body, including a missing front tooth.

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A green sweater and a bloody undergarment or "teddy" with a ripped bottom were recovered from the water near the body. Also, there were marks on the wrists of the body similar to those left by handcuffs. No gun, shell casings or handcuffs were found in the area where the body was discovered.

Officer Lewis opined that the body must have been dumped because no one could have carried it down the bank.