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James Berardinelli. Yet another would-be YA franchise inspired by recycled formulas rather than life experience. Matt Fagerholm. Burdened with ideas of reincarnation and Christian mythos, the supposedly swooning love triangle among Luce and her beatific beaus lacks any of the organic interaction that could produce chemistry. Teo Bugbee. Filled with heavy breathing and intense staring that seem to go on for ages, Fallen could have been a really good movie but the bad script and forced acting did not leave any room for character development.

Rachel Chan. Fallen is It's nothing but a weaker version of everything that has come before it, the mythos is convoluted and ultimately uninteresting, the CGI is ropey at best. Chloe Walker.

What If the Berlin Wall Had Not Fallen in 1989?

But hey, at least everyone is pretty. Todd Jorgenson. Sandie Angulo Chen. We're not finished with supernatural romances aimed at teenagers, apparently. Then again, maybe we are, and Fallen simply didn't get the memo. Mark Dujsik. Despite its limitations, this is a pretty faithful adaptation of the book, which is what most viewers will be looking for. It lays the ground rules effectively for what may comes after. Jennie Kermode. It didn't take long for Twilight to fall into self-parody and we've seen the YA brand evolve as a result, with diminishing results.

Apparently somebody forgot to send Fallen the memo. Travis Hopson. A nearly incomprehensible farrago of the tropes of young adult literature and pseudo-religious myth, hobbled by a trio of uncharismatic leads and exploding at the end with some hilarious not-so-special effects.

Frank Swietek. Angels walk among us in this teen fantasy flick that fails to realize its potential. Anna Storm. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Billions: Season 4. Black Mirror: Season 5. Fear the Walking Dead: Season 5. Game of Thrones: Season 8. The Handmaid's Tale: Season 3.

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'Fallen Films Franchise' Producer Alan Siegel Says Sequels and Local Spin-offs are Planned - News18

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Donald Trump salutes nation's fallen and those who served as he marks Veterans Day in New York

Share on Facebook. View All Videos 1. View All Photos. Movie Info Luce is just an ordinary teen girl until a shocking accident sends her to a mysterious reform school for misfit and eclectic teenagers. There, she meets two students, Daniel and Cam. Torn between the instant electrifying connection she feels with Daniel and the attracting force of Cam, Luce is quickly pulled into a passionate love triangle.

As she tries to piece together deeply fragmented memories, she is left with a feeling of undeniable longing for her one true love and the revelation of a love story that has been going on for centuries, will shatter the boundaries between heaven and earth. I feel like muttering that scene out of anchorman where Ron Burgundy says: "I'm a man who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That's what kind of man I am. You're just a woman with a small brain. With a brain a third the size of us. It's science. Need I say more? Crappity crap crap CRAP! Go to a club and pick up a chick and take her home for "coffee" or to show her your special angel wings.

Whatever floats your boat. Don't stick around and interact with her and torture yourself by getting close. Other characters in this book are two-dimensional. If there were such a concept as one-dimensional, I'm sure Kate would have striven to achieve that instead. They are stand in cardboard cut outs and easily forgettable and inconsequential. Your story needs to have an actual story.

Can you read that, Lauren Kate? Something needs to fucking happen! Not just pages of stalking! That's not a fucking story! Nothing is more annoying then reading a book about an Anglican Preacher in the seventeenth century burning witches, when you know perfectly well how very historically inaccurate that is. This author knows nothing about angels.

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Or the Bible. Or religion. She shows no concept for the Biblical nature of angels, their real function, how they differ from humans.

Kill me now. I felt like putting on my sexy librarian outfit, pulling out my cain hyuk hyuk and giving a very interesting instruction about the Bible in both its modern context and the times in which it is historically acknowledged to be written as well as the spiritual nature or angels and demons and heaven. Probably would have been a lot more fun than reading this book because I look very sexy in my outfits and I give great feedback to my students!

And finally - the last rule that this story broke: 8. Consider what message your story is telling. Stories have messages and meaning. They teach us and give us a perspective on life. Storytelling carries a great responsibility because there are few things more emotive to people than stories.

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My husband and I have been together for seven years now and I can confidently say I love him. I love him. I think about him. I know him.