How the EPA’s Green Tyranny is Stifling America (Encounter Broadsides)

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And if a compelling case is made, how will Americans respond? If we have become the latter, then the game is already over.

How the EPA?s Green Tyranny is Stifling America (Encounter Broadsides)

This podcast had all the tension and awkwardness of such an episode! Next time you should have his mother on the show and have her read a letter to him about him running for president! Instead of offering to send him to a clean living facility, offer to set up an exploratory committee. One impressive politician and thinker. That he serves in the same body as so many clowns, jerks, and Weiners is surreal. I think that really demands not only a separate podcast, but a separate Member Post. A good podcast as usual, but I liked how Pat Sajak took over.

I guess that makes Rob Long Courtney Hodges. Mr Sajak is class. Mr Ryan is… impressive. Imagine if every politician actually said what they thought — what would all the pundits do when they had to get real jobs? I already loved Paul Ryan and had very high expectations but he just blew me away in this podcast.

I have no doubt where my vote will lie in the primaries should Rep. Ryan decide to run. When he was U. So he gave a speech in which he named all the non-democratic countries and read details from annual freedom ratings. One of the most influential and well respected men in Washington D. Great podcast! Ryan is very impressive, and if he runs, I hope I get a chance to vote for him.

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Being in California, options often get closed to us by the time the primary rolls around. I also hope I get a chance to vote for Sarah Palin — having to choose between those two would be a high-class problem.

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Clearly, he has an even more impactful political future ahead of him. One final observation. It takes a man considerably less devoted to personal ego gratification than to the best interests of his national constitutencies to make the decision Ryan has apparently made re: Like everyone above, I enjoyed the podcast a great deal and especially liked hearing Ryan speak because he obviously has a quick, agile mind behind that great face.

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Excellent combination! I found the podcast to be quite bittersweet, though. Optimism and hope from Ryan; resigned recognition from Judith Levy that the devil is alive and apparently thriving in the West. Makes me, a nonreligious but supportive gentile, very sad, though she seems to have made a very good decision to live in Israel. I dont think that the comments on this Podcast and a previous one are nuanced with regard Jewish Americans support for the Democrats.

Orthodox Jews who are admittedly in minority vote Republican in inverse proportions to the way the majority vote. There was also a trend away from the Democrats amongst much older voters in South Florida I know an octogenarian couple who voted Republican for the first time in their lives in the last Presidential election. Skip to toolbar Log in Search. Log in Search. Crystal Jordan. Why Nations Fail. Daron Acemoglu.

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How the EPA?s Green Tyranny is Stifling America (Encounter Broadsides)

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