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She sat silent, neither able to speak, not knowing what to answer.

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Chip, knowing that his turn had come, and come to tarry, found nothing to say. Knowing so little of each other, it is very possible that they had no visualizations.

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  • Outside the mobile home, John confronts one of the Strangers who disappears instantaneously and they learn that Diana's daughter Abby Embry can hear the Strangers' form of communication as well. It was later discovered by Earth's astronomers that a massive solar flare was heading towards the Earth's orbital path and would cause an apocalyptic event which the news ultimately erupts panic. After investigating the school closet Lucinda had her episode, John noticed that what Lucinda wrote was another set of coordinates which led back to her mobile home and suggests that there is some refugee from the impending disaster.

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    Diana suggests that she take Caleb and Abby to a set of underground caves as shelter and attempts to do so without telling John. The Strangers then kidnap Caleb and Abby with Diana chasing after them. Diana later died when her vehicle was later broadsided by a truck.

    The Strangers took Caleb and Abby to the hidden shelter near Lucinda's home with John witnessing as the Strangers shift from their human forms into their true form and taking Caleb and Abby into their ship which, along with various other Stranger ships housing human children, took them to a far off distant planet to continue humanity's existence. John later travelled to Boston to spend the last few minutes before annihilation with his family and dies as the Earth is scorched.

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