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I have been thinking a lot about it in the last few months, and this is my conclusion. Education as a whole has been, for a while now, a subject highly regarded by politicians. Obviously, education and kids wins the parents votes. Of course, as a student myself, this will be somewhat subjective. It is becoming harder and harder to actually get a job in your particular field, even harder to get a well-paying one.

In my eyes, there is two possibilities:. Doing something about it means that you have to work hard.

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And I mean very hard. But some people does not want to work hard, and sometimes they drag those who do down. If you are one of those who knows that you have to work hard to succeed in life, you must have felt that before. Those pesky group projects in school — one does all the work, one never shoes up and the last one says that he did most, if not all, of the work. But what is the problem? Education today is so heavily focused on grades that they forgot what education is all about: learning.

If you are struggling with a certain assignment, and you know that the grade you get from that class will drag your average down, you become a bit desperate. Documentation related to reported bullying and subsequent investigation shall be maintained by the District for not less than six 6 years. In the event the District reports incidents to persons other than District officials or law enforcement all individually identifiable information shall be redacted. Restrictions established by FERPA on disclosure of personally identifiable student information must be observed at all times.

The Superintendent shall establish procedures for the dissemination of information to students, parents and guardians. The information will include, but not be limited to, Governing Board policies, incident reporting, support services proactive and reactive and student's rights. The dissemination of this information shall. Information will be provided to staff members at the beginning of each instructional year and on the first day of employment for new employees. The Superintendent shall establish procedures designed to protect the health and safety of students who are physically harmed as the result of bullying.

These will include, when appropriate, procedures for contacting emergency medical services, law enforcement agencies, or both. Knowingly submitting a false report under this policy shall subject the student to discipline up to and including suspension or expulsion. Where disciplinary action is necessary pursuant to any part of this policy, relevant District policies shall be followed.

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Law enforcement authorities shall be notified any time District officials have a reasonable belief that an incidence of bullying is a violation of the law. Translate this page:. Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's Workforce. Prohibitions and Discipline Students are prohibited from bullying on school grounds, school property, school Vehicles, at school sponsored events and activities, and through the use of electronic technology or electronic communication equipment on school computers, networks, forums, or mailing lists Disciplinary action may result for bullying which occurs outside of the school and the school day when such bullying results in a substantial physical, mental, or emotional negative effect on the victim while on school grounds, school property, at school vehicles, or at school sponsored events and activities, or when such act s interfere with the authority of the school system to maintain order.

The majority of Christians believe this and only a minority believe that religion and science do actually mix.

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They don't and should never. Science cannot and will never prove religion. Religion is faith, science is facts that come from studying the universe. Why are all the "proponents" of ID and this film all Christian? That is the obvious give-away. Where are the atheist and Muslim and Buddhist supporters? They are not there since they believe science is one thing, religion is another and like this movie, ID is a trick to try and pretend religion can be proved by science and create some cause. The ID people are good at "disguising" by using very well-thought out arguments that beg the main premise of trying to make religion provable by science.

Theo Robertson 24 July To paraphrase a passage from Professor Richard Dawkins book The Blind Watchmaker one day a primate woke up and discovered it was self aware. From that moment it started building things and because it was aware of the land , ocean and sky it came to the instant conclusion that these geographical features were also made by someone. On a similar note the oldest established religion in the world Hinduism believes in reincarnation almost certainly down to the fact that nature goes around in cycles such the seasons and the female menstrual cycle hence the believe that lives also go around in cycles.

Think too of the forbidden foods in the Abrahamic religions such as pork and seafood. Eating such foods in a hot climate like the Middle East will cause you food poisoning. The ancient Hebrews would misinterpret this as God forbidding certain foodstuffs. You can see the logic and thinking behind these concepts and they do follow a recognisable logic open to interpretation and leads to a belief in creators and afterlives.

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However just because something is logical doesn't make it true and EXPELLED is not a documentary that concerns itself with truth This documentary was written by Ben Stein and purports to be about scientists discriminated against by the evolution lobby at American universities. These poor people are critical free thinkers who put forward the suggestion of life on Earth and perhaps the universe itself down to intelligent design " Whoa Theo. Lay off the big words. Apologists for intelligent design would never use the word " God " have an almost identical train of thought that an intelligence of sort created life.

It's like someone saying they're not a believer but they still have a surrogate new age belief along the lines of the Quakers or Bhuddhists It turns out that if you do a quick internet search of these " intelligent design martyrs " then you'll find that there's much more to it than Stein's comments that they were victimised simply for not following the evolution crowd.

Don't believe me? Then look it up for yourself Stein you see wants us all to believe that there's a massive conspiracy against anyone having a different opinion to the Darwinian crowd and he never misses a chance to compare it to the oppressive communist regimes of Eastern Europe. The irony of that is communist nations did away with genetics and replaced it with the pseudoscience of Lysenkoism because it was more in keeping with the Marxist doctrine of conditioning.

Despite painting scientists who believe in evolution as being on a par with Stalin he has to bring up the Nazis who were Darwinian dogmatists and that's why they murdered millions because they were replacing God with Darwin.

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  • Two facts you might want to consider here 1 Hitler never mentions the name Charles Darwin in Mein Kampf 2 Not one single Nazi leader was an atheist. All of them were brought either Catholic or Protestant. Christianity was not banned under the Nazi regime and was encouraged even though Nazi society did tend to mirror a sort of neo-Hindu paganism rather than the happy clappy vicar we are used to in 21st Century Europe. You might like to remember the Hitler oath taken by all military personnel in the Wehrmacht starts with " I swear by God this sacred oath that to the leader of the German empire If you can't argue for your position on intellectual grounds, try politics.

    If you can't succeed with legitimate political argument, resort to ad hominem attacks. ID creationists have produced no credible argument against the theory of evolution. Politically their fortunes have been devastated ever since the Dover, Pennsylvania court decision in which a George W. Bush-appointed Church-going judge found ID to be religious dogma that cannot legally be introduced in public school science classes.

    So now we are presented with a new line of attack: because natural selection was invoked by the Nazis in support of genocide itself a dubious claim , the theory of evolution must be false. What a towering heap of horse droppings this movie was. Expelled is Willfully Ignorant and intentionally deceptive. The subtitle "No Intelligence Allowed" is remarkably apt for this film. No intelligence was allowed was allowed in any way to disrupt the deceitful misrepresentation of evolution and the blatant Creationist propaganda that went into this film.

    If Intelligent Design is ever to be taken seriously then ID scientists are going to need to start producing science, and not bad propaganda. After watching this film, I think what is really happening is that these "scientists" and "educators" are producing bad science, and crying when they are called on it. Crying isn't the solution, the solution is to check your ego at the door and follow the evidence. Produce some testing for your hypothesis and publish your results. But most importantly, always accept the possibility that you could be wrong. So far ID has proved to be bad science. Mocumentories like Expelled do little to change that fact.

    As a rational guy who flies on airplanes, owns a microwave, and is typing on a computer, I obviously have a deep respect and admiration for science and I have always found the pseudo"science" of creationism aka Intelligent Design to be really entertaining, simply because it is not science. It is religion. When I heard that Ben Stein of all people made a documentary about creationism I was disappointed, I used to enjoy his show and I had a lot of respect for him.

    I decided to watch it to see what kind of a case he could possibly make for biblical creationism as a science. What I got upon watching this was an astonishingly dishonest and propagandistic sham of a documentary. It starts with Ben Stein interviewing teachers who taught at SECULAR high schools and universities and were fired or had their tenure not renewed due to teaching or writing about biblical creationism, aka intelligent designed.

    Ben Stein paints a portrait of the stifling of science and paints these teachers who tried to sneak in Christian fables as science into their teaching as some sort of scientific martyrs.

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    Ben then dishonestly bumbles through a fake investigation pretending to be ignorant of what intelligent design is taking great pains to make sure his interviewee subjects all mention it has nothing to do with Christianity including a trip to the Center for Science and Culture which is the Christian organization spearheading the movement to get ID in public school science classes. He of course fails to mention the mounds of literature where the CFSC present themselves during fund raising as a wholly Christian organization and is of course entirely funded by various church and Christian organizations and of course fails to mention the damaging "Wedge Document" which is their blatantly Christian anti science manifesto which was leaked on the internet which cost the CFSC every shred of credibility it could have possibly had, which is zero.

    No mention of scientific consensus or actual biology science is broached other then the absurd claims of a secret and hidden crisis in the world of biology where evolutionary biologists talk amongst themselves in secret about how the theory of evolution is increasingly making no sense as more evidence come in.

    There is of course no mention of the sciences of geology, genetics, cellular biology and genealogy which all corroborate every aspect of Darwinian theory. Just when i thought it couldn't get any more laughable Ben drops so low as to speculate that belief in Darwinian theory did and will again lead to the ethnic cleansing of the Nazis.

    This fake documentary contains about every conservative trope imaginable from frequent talk of evolution, comparing the opposition to the Nazis and is peppered with footage of Ronald Reagan. This is not a documentary, it is a piece of propaganda simply because the creator of it dishonestly presents it as a story of his journey to research something he clearly already was well informed about and then conveniently ignores every fact responsible for the situation the documentary is supposedly about which is the supposed stifling of "science".

    He also dishonestly downplays the entire motivation for the documentary and the side within it he blatantly takes.