Ordinary Man: Writings, Ramblings and Rants

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Florence started as category 1 in the eastern half of the Atlantic Ocean but it was predicted that as she reached the warmer weather in the Atlantic, she would grow to category 4 and smash into coast somewhere in the Carolinas and she did. The message of a coming disaster was reinforced by our neighborhood listserv. People who lived through Hurricane Fran in , saw many trees go down, and lived a week or more without power, and they were not anxious for a repeat performance. Emails were filled with long lists of things we should do in order to prepare. Monday September When the inspection was finished about with no repairs needed!

The store was a zoo and water was flying off the shelves, but I came home with 48 quart bottles of Dasanti, canned fruit, canned soup, bread, peanut butter, energy bars, etc. Donald and Melania visited the new memorial to the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

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I came down with a cold and stayed home from school. By this time, there was more weather than news on news. Tuesday afternoon Duke announced that all classes were cancelled as of 5PM Wednesday. For UNC this was a blessing. Having lost to Cal and to the East Carolina in the two previous weeks, they were happy to escape from another loss at the hands of U of Central Florida.

Wednesday September The morning weather forecast announced a dramatic change in the track of the storm. It was now predicted to turn left after land fall, hang out at the beach for a couple of days and then head off to Atlanta. The new storm track was great news for Durham but not for Myrtle Beach South Carolina which was given a short deadline to evacuate.

Wednesday was more or less a normal day. I met with a graduate student at 11, had lunch, taught my class, and announced the shifted schedule for the homework and exams due to the cancellation of class on Friday. Thursday September 13 was the calm before the storm. My wife and I took a walk around the neighborhood in the morning, went out to a Mexcian Lunch at La Hacienda at the northern edge of Chapel Hill, and grilled some chicken for dinner. In NC barbecuing refers to cooking a large piece of meat over a slow fire until you can pull it apart with your hands.

Grilling gets the job done in minutes. Feeling more confident about the future we scaled back from cooking four chicken breasts to have leftovers that could be eaten over the next few days, to making only two. Friday September Florence made land fall at Wilmington as a category 2 hurricane, which is definitely more than half as strong as a category 4.

It was amusing to see several weathermen competing to see who could be filmed in the eye of the hurricane, where the winds suddenly drop to 0. A woman on the neighborhood listserv described it as an eerie experience. Most of the other things that happened along the coast were not at all funny. New Bern was about 30 miles from the coast, but it was on the banks of the Neuse River.

Rains plus hurricane winds resulted in flooding that left hundreds of people who stupidly chose not to evacuate in need of rescue. Up in Durham things were much more sedate. There was very little wind or rain. However since the weatherman had told us to shelter in place, we stayed in for most of the day, as did most of our neighbors.

Saturday September 15 was more or less a repeat of Friday. Twisting a line from Big Bang in which Penny is talking about here relationship with Leonard. On Friday I read a couple of papers from the arXiv and thought up a new problem for one of my grad students to work on. Not everything I do is math. Sunday September We got up and went to the Hope Valley Diner for breakfast at about However, the owner got tired of having a restaurant named after her ex-husband.

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In keeping with the intellectual climate of Durham, our usual waitress is a second year medical student at UNC Greensboro. Weather was light rain as it had been for the last couple of days, so we went to the Southpoint Mall to get out of the house. At the mall Susan bought some Crocs, and I bought a couple of books that I read before going to sleep. However, mostly we walked around like many of the families who came there with their small kids. Our hopes of nicer weather were quickly dashed. It was raining very hard when we woke up. Almost immediately there was a tornado alert on TV accompanied with its loud obnoxious noise, and robophone call to tell us of the event, which came a few minutes after channel 14 told us that the warning had expired.

This was too much excitement for Duke, so they cancelled classes until noon, irritating people who traveled through awful weather to get to their AM classes. Soon after the despair of facing another day of rain set it, the sun came out and Susan and I took a walk. Tuesday and Beyond. Unfortunately the end of the rain does not bring the end of the misery for people near the coast, as we learned with Hurricane Matthew.

Many of the rivers there have large basins of attraction. Many will only crest Wednesday or Thursday. Trump will be coming soon to inspect the damage. When he came he clumsily read from a prepared statement, that soon we will be getting lots and lots of money. In the spirit of an English writing assignment, I will compare and contrast the two experiences.

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In addition I will offer some advice that I think will be useful for those who have yet to have had the experience. Since I am a math professor you should not view this as medical advice. On Day -1, you only have clear fluids see below for definition. At PM you take some DulcoLax stool softener. At PM you begin to drink from a mixture of 64 oz of Gatorade and one gram bottle of Miralax.

Eight ounces every 15 minutes until it is gone. At about 6PM the party gets started, and regular trips to the bathroom continue until about midnight, when I was brave enough to try to go to sleep.

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In there was nothing new to do the next day, except to drink clear liquids stopping two hours before the procedure. In , there is a 10 ounce bottle of Magnesium Citrate to be drunk four hours before the procedure.

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Fortunately, this corresponds to the standard dose and it gets its magic done in less than 2 hours. What is a clear liquid? In the list included Coffee and Tea no milk or cream. In these items were gone leaving water, soft drinks, Gatorade, fruit juices without pulp, chicken or beef broth, plain jello, popsicles no sherbert or fruit bars.

A colonscopy is not a test on which you want to get a false positive! Clear liquids are to keep you hydrated, but also to give you enough calories to get through the day. See disclaimer above. In this regard, popsicles and jello are worthless since they have calories. Thinking it might be some sort of substitute for coffee in the morning, I tried some canned chicken broth warmed in the microwave. But after I had a few sips I noticed that the can said it had 30 calories per serving, 30 of which were from fat. The white grape juice at calories for 8 ounces was sickeningly sweet, but a good source of calories, as was some 80 calorie lemonade which had no pulp but taste like plastic and to a lesser extent non-diet soda.

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The biggest change in the prep routine came from the rules for a restricted diet on days -5 to In the rule was just do not eat nuts, seeds, popcorn and corn. By this list has gotten huge. No non-tender meats, gristle, hot dogs, salami, cold cuts. No raw vegetables or salads, no artichokes, asparagus, broad beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, peas, sauerkraut, spinach, summer or winter squash, tomatoes, zucchini. No raw fruit except for bananas , canned fruit, dried fruit, berries, melons, cranberry sauce, avocado, coconut. No bread with whole wheat, etc, etc.

In short, you can eat tender cooked fish, poultry, and meat, served with green beans, cooked carrots, beets, apple sauce, ripe bananas, and cooked fruit peaches, pears, apricots, and apples if the skin has been removed.

The exclusions listed above will test your culinary creativity. While cauliflower was off the list I figured that it was OK to eat mashed cauliflower from the frozen foods aisle, which Oprah peddles as low calorie alternative to mashed potatoes. To try to end this rant on a happy note, let me talk about Day 0.

As many veterans of the procedure will tell you, after going through the prep on Day -1, and now a low fiber diet on Days -5 to -2, the procedure is not bad at all. One of the reasons for this is that they give you something that makes you forget the whole thing. I once made a joke at a conference in Canada that this amnesia makes the procedure more fun than a faculty meeting. Damn socialized medicine. I think that the drug they give you now has changed. In it was something like Rohypnol aka roofies, the date rape drug.

My wife Susan took one of her friends, Toni, to get her colonoscopy.