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In cases such as Piltdown Man and Nebraska Man, the showmanship outstretched the facts. In the end, creationists in fact, anyone would do well to be skeptical of such claimed discoveries—especially those that seem high on dramatics and low on facts. An unknown creature being discovered is certainly not unheard of. Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry , dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Clan of Cain: The Genesis of Bigfoot

At a Glance Two men claimed to have found the body of a dead Sasquatch in northern Georgia, though this is now proven to be a hoax. There are hints of an evolutionary connection and expectation concerning Bigfoot. If such a creature existed, the implications could be interesting for both evolutionists and creationists.

The hoax bears some resemblance to the claims evolutionists have made concerning the supposed ancestors of humanity. Privacy Policy.

This story will change the way you think about Bigfoot. Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Supernatural.

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About the Book. Deep in the woods of Tennessee in , an unparalleled encounter occurs. Also in the Bible it staits that who ever harms one with have vengance upon him seven fold. There is a Indian tribe in Vancover that has a legend that if you harm one, you will die in Seven Years. Talk what you will about the Church. Gene R Cook did indeed have a conversaion with Jagger on a plane.

by Shane Lester

I heard Cook describe the event with my own ears at a conference. Dear ladies and gentlemen, the film the Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made in in northern california at bluff creek of bigfoot was real. I believe that bigfoot is real because I know what bigfoot really is. Here is what they filmed on October 20 Several thousand years ago there were thousands slaves that ran off around the world and started their own countries.

When these slaves ran off there was a large group of men and boys of all different ages and sizes that took off and ended up in africa. Some of them were giants as tall as 9 ft. The giant named Goliath that David killed with his slingshot was 9 ft.

So there were giant men back then just like we have giant men now. Some of these men and boys went exploring to borneo and caught female orangutans and took them to south america and had sex with them and created the indians. The men and boys that stayed in africa caught female gorillas and had sex with them and created the africans. When scientists found the bones in africa they thought we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee.

They are half man and half gorilla and half man and half orangutan. They use to call the indians the red man. The orangutan has reddish hair. The gorilla has black hair and skin. Some of the indians and africans are tall and some of the bigfoot and orangutan creatures are tall. They are tall because some of the men that created them were tall. Some scientists believe that we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee. Have you ever seen an 8 ft. Bigfoot migrated up through africa and came into the united states at the top of africa when they were connected by land. Some of the first europeans that saw the africans said that the african women had genitals that resembled that of a gorilla.

The creature that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed in was half man and half gorilla. It was a female bigfoot that they named Patty. Patty was not a man in a costume, she is not our missing link and she is not a figment of our imagination. Patty was simply a creature that was created by men that had sex with female gorillas and orangutans a long time ago. Believe it or not, man created his own evolution. Or a fugitive from the garden of Eden.

Or maybe both……. It seems like it follows both the rules. Is it Bigfoot? Or maybe both. The Journal of Mormon History recently published a new investigation into stories suggesting that the giant Sasquatch monster is really Cain, the murderous second son of Adam and Eve. It may not be the first controversy tackled by new Mormon President, Thomas S.

One Dead Bigfoot, Six Teeth, One Big Hoax | Answers in Genesis

But the article's author, Matthew Bowman cites a manuscript describing Hawaiian missionary E. Wesley Smith "being attacked by a huge, hairy creature, whom Smith drives off in the name of Christ" the night before the mission was dedicated. His brother tells him the attacker must've been Cain.

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