The Adventures of Riley and Charlie Bear: A kid and a giant teddy bear take adventures together.

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Garfield and Friends is an American animated television series based on the comic strip Garfield by Jim Davis and ran on CBS Saturday mornings from September 17, to December 10, , with reruns airing until October 7, In addition to the segments featuring Garfield, the series also included segments featuring the characters from U.

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Acres , a comic strip Davis was drawing concurrently with Garfield when Garfield and Friends premiered on television. Like the comic strip these were based on, the animated segments were re-titled Orson's Farm for viewers outside of the United States taking the name of their main character, Orson Pig. Although Davis stopped producing new strips of U. A total of episodes were made, each consisting of two Garfield segments and one U. Acres segment, totaling Garfield segments and U.

Acres segments.

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All episodes have been released in the U. The first season aired in a half-hour format. Starting with the second season, it switched to an hour-length format, showing two episodes each week. During the last season, while the series was still an hour long, the second half-hour of the show featured either an episode from the previous season or one of the Garfield TV specials. On May 25, , 9 Story Media Group acquired the worldwide distribution rights to Garfield and Friends and its specials.

The quality of Garfield and Friends as compared with other s animated television series is considered by animation historian Jerry Beck to "foreshadow the higher quality [animation] boom coming in the next decade". Additional voices were also provided by Gary Owens and Neil Ross. When the show was originally broadcast on CBS , the episodes usually had three Quickies to second gags which were based on original Garfield and U.

Acres strips, rather than original made-for-TV stories , with usually two "Garfield Quickies" the first one being played before the intro theme and one "U. Acres Quickie," the latter of which was never shown in syndication except occasionally, mainly whenever a Quickie had something to do with the regular full episode it followed; e. Acres Quickie' that follows the episode "Moo Cow Mutt". These "Screaming with Binky" segments were typically used at the halfway point of hour-long blocks of Garfield and Friends as Garfield ended each one with "We'll be right back.

The DVD sets and Boomerang reruns restore the original rotation. After the third season, there was only one "Garfield Quickie" shown per episode. During the first season, most U. Acres segments were made to teach a social lesson, which is ironically the type of thing the show was against in its later seasons. A "Quickie" is a short joke that is used between segments. There is at least one Garfield or U. Acres Quickie per episode. Most of the Quickies are based on a Sunday comic strip , and some on a daily comic strip. There are also a couple of Quickies called Screaming with Binky.

According to one U. Acres Quickie, they last 45 seconds [10] and most of these were cut out in syndication. Garfield and Friends had already far outlasted most animated series by the time it reached its seventh season in Although Garfield was still doing well in the ratings at the time, the Saturday morning cartoon genre as a whole had begun a terminal decline by this point, and CBS began to cut its cartoon budget. Unwilling to continue producing the show under the reduced budget, producers ended the series in Each episode opened with Gary Owens introducing the show by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, Garfield and Friends!

The first five seasons featured Garfield tap dancing across a fence and turning on a record player. Starting with season six, it opened with a full concert hall. The intro for the show's first two seasons saw Garfield battling Orson, Roy, Wade, Booker and Sheldon who all appeared on screen together for screen time.

A series of brief clips would play showing Garfield and the U. Acres characters resorting to increasingly over-the-top ways to accomplish this, which included Orson shattering Garfield's body with a mallet and Garfield using a jack to move the U. Acres crew out of frame. The second, more up-tempo theme song "We're Ready to Party" first appeared in the third season episode 9 and was used until the end of season six.

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This time, Garfield sang the song along with the rest of the cast and the intro now consisted of clips from previous episodes. This intro was also used for the syndicated rerun package, but all incidental music from the first two seasons' worth of episodes was left intact. It was not until the DVD releases that the intros from those seasons were seen in their entirety again.

In the seventh and final season, an upbeat rap-based theme song was used, sung by J. The close of each version of the theme brought out the show's title screen, where Booker would write "and friends" in pencil below Garfield's name. Garfield would then appear atop the title and offer a sometimes topical joke to open the show e.

Did you bring food? Eat your heart out", "Hey, don't bother checking NBC , kids! They're not running cartoons anymore ," and "It doesn't start till the fat lady screams. In response to the financial success of Garfield: The Movie , 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released all seven seasons of Garfield and Friends to Region 1 DVD in five volume box sets, with each set having episodes on three discs. Each set features an image of Garfield with a U. Acres character.

As of October , these releases have been discontinued and are out of print. They have subsequently begun re-releasing the series on DVD in Region 1 in complete season sets; season 1 was released on July 16, [14] and season 2 was released on November 5, It was called Box of Fun and it was the same cover as the Vol. Unlike the USA sets, this is just a single disc with 8 episodes. The contents of this set are exactly the same as that of the Region 1 release with only minor changes to the set cover. The set was also made available as individual volumes. The complete "Volume 1" set is now discontinued.

The remaining four volumes were never released.

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Also released were single-disc compilations based on a theme, such as Garfield and Friends: Behind the Scenes in Garfield and Friends has been syndicated on television around the world, beginning in the late s and remaining on air in present day. In Latin America , it played on Cartoon Network from to , on Boomerang from to , on Warner Channel from to , and on Tooncast from to Currently, all four of these networks have lost the rights to the show. Televisa's Canal 5 also played the show for many years, from the mids to early s decade. This is a great costume idea from the Rainbow Fairy book series….

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