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John Owen was not only one of the greatest Reformed theologians in the last five hundred years, he was one of the greatest theologians in the last five hundred years. Robert Letham — The Holy Trinity.

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Many people come to the Reformed faith out of backgrounds that offered very little solid teaching on the doctrine of God. Sinclair Ferguson — The Christian Life. Do not let the title mislead you. This little book is an outstanding introduction to the Reformed doctrine of salvation.

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This was one of the first great Reformed books I discovered after becoming a Calvinist. Fesko — Justification.

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The doctrine of justification has come under renewed attack in recent years from a number of different corners. Most Christians are ill-prepared to state, much less defend, the biblical doctrine. Cornelis Venema — The Promise of the Future. Eschatology is a difficult and controversial subject, and many of those who are new to Reformed circles do not know what the Reformed churches teach on the subject.

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  • Synopsis "The Justification Reader sets out the classic Christian teachingof "salvation by grace through faith. Oden, well known for retrieving the riches of churchtradition, here gathers together the early Christian sources on thetheme of justification.

    Excerpt 1. The Promise My purpose is plainly to set forth nothing more or less than the classic Christian teaching of salvation by grace through faith, and only those parts of that teaching on which there is substantial agreement between traditions of East and West, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox, including charismatic and Pentecostal teaching. We use cookies to deliver a better user experience and to show you ads based on your interests.

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