The Spice Rack Kids and the Fire Alarm Mystery

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So fast, in fact, that I never had a chance to get any pics! Since my dad enjoyed these Lemon Pepper Wings so much the first time, I took the opportunity to make them again. Just toss your chicken wings with some vegetable or canola oil. Avocado oil is another great one to use. The oil and high heat are the secret to making them as crispy as fried.

These Crispy Baked Lemon Pepper Wings are on my permanent and frequent go-to recipe list from here on out. Here is my answer! Be sure your sheet pan has sides to catch the grease! Sick animals. Equallys sick peoples. And, we discuss stupid emails and ass grabbing. That is the same reason I buy… bought simply Orange, I thought I was getting something good. The stuff in the freezer is going on Craigslist now.

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Yeah, we never touch that stuff. Yeah, it would be nice if the labels were HONEST, not just sticking to the letter of some law written in twisty lawyer language but actually being fully honest and up front about the contents. I just try to stick with whole foods, organic when possible, locally grown when possible, and in general attempting to get nothing but the real thing. NOT easy! If I could afford a juicer or one of those Vitamix thingies that have been mentioned….

The rest of the population watches Survivor, Jerry Springer and Dr. They have voted for Bush and even worse Obama twice in presidential elections. They think that government spending more than taxing is sustainable, as well as applying that to their own personal lives and living of credit cards. Love the way yahoo recycles 3 year old articles and puts them up in the headlines. Anything in excess can kill you. If you want to live longer.. Well, I stopped drinking juice long ago anyway. But this is something horrible that i never even knew before!

Veronica, Now you know why to stay away from concentrates?? Forget about the orange juice and eat the orange! You not only get a REAL orange favor but you get fiber as well. Does this include organic brands as well? My husband is pretty dead set in his ways. I could set my watch to him. He has to have his glass of orange juice with breakfast. Angie, I would say this goes for most major label organic brands as well. This is simply the by-product of scaling up and trying to provide a seasonally limited food year round.

Is juice from concentrate de-aerated or simply frozen? Yes, I know they use frozen juice as an excuse to add stuff to it anyway, and juice from concentrate loses flavor anyhow. Apparently people think we need these additives.

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I was hoping the author would mention the huge and organized ad campaign that went to convince Americans to drink orange juice for breakfast. Everything about our lifestyle was generated by marketing execs in the s. All orange juices will go terribly rancid in about 4 to 6 hours after making, making it totally unpalatable think of taste of milk gone bad. What is left is a milky-white sugar water which is pumped into million gallon storage tanks, where it sits for up to 1 year, awaiting am order for orange juice.

All OJ is garbage. Drink juice without fiber and your blood sugars and insulin jumps just thinking about it.

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Excess juice consumption leads to obesity and in extreme cases, can cause liver failure. The fructose in orange juice is a chronic liver toxin see Dr.

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It tastes awesome most of the time. And it keeps longer than 6 hours. About a week or so. As the years went by, the more I gave, the more he took. At some point you are going to resent them not taking some responsibility for themselves. Thanks for the post. It helps point out the considerable degree to which we humans are enormously gullible and vulnerable.

Would it be too paranoid to consider the notion that perhaps the grocery store is not our friend? I see. We drink no juice either, sometimes treat ourselves to locally pressed fresh apple cider in the fall, but this just blew my mind! Very interesting, I always wondered why the juice in cartons lacked flavor. I no longer buy fruit juice. I add a carrot also just for even more nutrition. It is delicious! You lucky dog! Try not to break a container tho. I almost had a come apart. LOL Looked on ebay…..

Luckily I found mine. Yeah, VitaMix is the way to go! Blend whole fruits and vegetables. I never use my juicer anymore.

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Elizabeth — I just answered a similar question in the comments on the actual post. Do you know of any that are good and trustworthy?

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  • Just checked with them and they say they do not add anything frangrance, flavor packs back into the juice. You can call them at and have them explain it to you. The more I read the more I am glad that we have the option to make our own! Alot of juice makers put things in it to keep it from separating.

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    • I still think that fresh-squeezed juice tastes better. I have at least convinced Mom to buy not from concentrate, all natural, often organic. So I looked on the back of the bottle. Which I feel is perfectly fine for a juice you might have a glass or two of a day.

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      SO much better than soda anyway. The first ingredient is filtered water, then not from concentrate orange juice. Once again, we see the power of marketing. People are literally paying a company to water down their orange juice for them. And not paying half price either. Oh, Leah! Leah, they do the same thing in juices marketed to kids, especially toddlers. If you want to be safe, only buy certified organic. You have to become a smart consumer to avoid the carefully placed wording used by the food industry to trick consumers into thinking they are paying for something they are not getting.

      Vote with your dollars and support certified organic companies. The more I see articles like this one the happier I am. I have always been health conscious, but I think I have put too much trust in the food labels. I find I am now reading every line on the label in the store. Natural flavor is another scary chemical additive that is essentially just as bad for you as artificial flavor. They all come from one lab in New Jersey and even though the original flavor is natural, they tweak it with chemicals to get the flavor you want. Make your own choices and speak out!

      In Japan, the Kit Kat Isn’t Just a Chocolate. It’s an Obsession.

      Nowadays, chemicals are found in pretty much all kinds of food. OJ has lots of vitamin C and keeps people from getting ill. Then I might be listening. Way too many are eating unhealthy today, and that is most certainly not caused by OJ.