The Storm King

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The Storm King image gallery. Brilliant opal. Supporting characters Cutie Mark Crusaders.

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Apple Bloom Babs Seed. The Apple family. The Sparkle family. The Pie family. The Shy family. The Cake family. The Rich family. The Pear family. School-age ponies. Pillars of Old Equestria.

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Young Six. Other pony characters. Non-pony characters.

Storm King

Equestria Girls characters. Animal companions. Background characters Earth ponies. Crystal Ponies. This is the end of the maintained trail.

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If you want to continue, the trail does so, but it becomes gradually fainter and rougher, culminating in a climber's trail. Hikers are aided by ropes just below the end of the climber's trail, but it's quite exposed, and the tread is nearly non-existent up there. Consider carefully if you become uncomfortable on your way up, and don't climb up anything you don't want to climb down. Extending your trip : Back at the junction with Marymere Falls, turn left and go see the falls before heading back to the trailhead.

Mount Storm King

It's a short hike, and the sweet little loop takes you past not only a gorgeous waterfall, but also wide, quietly burbling Barnes Creek. It's a nice cool down after the beating you got on Storm King. See weather forecast. Download a map to plan you hike. Drive west on Highway from Port Angeles for 20 miles.

At milepost turn right into a large parking area signed for Lake Crescent and Marymere Falls. Continue 0. The paved, horseshoe parking area is near the Ranger Station and restrooms, as well as a boat launch. Begin your hike on the Marymere Falls Nature Trail.

follow Mount Storm King Olympic Peninsula. Location Olympic Peninsula -- Northern Coast. Length 4.

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Elevation Gain: ft. Rating 4.

Watch out for the Storm King's beam attack

View from the top of Mount Storm King's climber's trail. Photo by Anna Roth. Mount Storm King Hike Info.